Is blaming a habit !!!

Some people blame others as a habit. Others do it occasionally. What about you?

guilt tripper is not a special person he/she is within us!. Just the ratio may vary…

It’s easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibility. It takes less energy to blame others than to improve our own behaviors. That’s why our society defaults to pointing fingers. We love the easy way out.

Things won’t always go the way you want. …

Natural Language Problems & Solutions

Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), has been a trending area of research in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. WSD is basically solution to the ambiguity which arises due to different meaning of words in different context.

In computational linguistics, word-sense disambiguation is an open problem concerned with identifying which sense of a word is used in a sentence. The solution to this issue impacts other computer-related writing, such as discourse, improving relevance of search engines, coherence, and inference

I kn know but how Computer know the context !!!

Go through my first blog : WSD Series-1 for various approaches to solve this problem

Disambiguation requires…

Natural Language Problems & Solutions …

There are words in Natural languages which have different meaning for different context but they are spelled same. Those words are called polysemous words. Word sense disambiguation (WSD) is the solution to the problem.

Word Sense Disambiguation is a task of finding the correct sense of the words and automatically assigning its correct sense to the words which are polysemous in a particular context.

Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) is an important but challenging technique in the area of natural language processing (NLP).

Human beings are blessed with the learning power. They can easily find…

Text Summarization is a technique to convert a long piece of content into a shorter one without removing the actual context.

What is text summarization

Text summarization is the process of identifying the most important meaningful information in a document or set of related documents and compressing them into a shorter version preserving its overall meanings. The goal of automatic text summarization is presenting the source text into a shorter version with semantics

Importance of automatic text summarization

summaries reduce reading time when researching documents, summaries make the selection process easier and improves the effectiveness of indexing

Text summarization using SPACY is less biased than human summarizers…

Using Server less Deployment

Serverless compute abstracts away provisioning, managing severs and configuring software

ML models serverless deployment

What is serverless deployment

Serverless is the next step in Cloud Computing. This means that servers are simply hidden from the picture. In serverless computing, this separation of server and application is managed by using a platform.The responsibility of the platform or serverless provider is to manage all the needs and configurations for your application. These platforms manage the configuration of your server behind the scenes. This is how in serverless computing, one can simply focus on the application or code itself being built or deployed.

Machine Learning Model Deployment…

Google Sheet Icon

Recently, I came across one of the requirements to read the data from Google spreadsheets as Pandas data frame.

I felt this is one of the easiest approaches to use “gspread” library in python.

“gspread” library — is a Python API for Google Sheets and we can open sheets by title, key or URL, Read, Write, and format cells.

Lest’s see how to extract data from a google spreadsheet into pandas data frame on step by step:

Google Spreadsheet API — can be used to read and write data to google sheets. …

break and continue …

python break and continue flow charts


Using for loops and while loops in Python allow you to automate and repeat tasks in an efficient manner.

But sometimes, an external factor may influence the way your program runs.
When this occurs, you may want your program to exit a loop completely, skip part of
a loop before continuing, or ignore that external factor. You can do these actions with break,
continue, and pass statements

break statement:

In Python, the break statement provides you with the opportunity to exit out of a loop when an
external condition is triggered.

Continue statement:

The continue statement gives you the option to skip over the part of a loop where an external
condition is triggered, but to go on to…

Before going through this blog better go through the basic for loops

Nested For Loops — Loops can be iterate in python
A nested loop with in a loop that occur within another loop.

f or (first iterable variable) in (outer loop):

for (second iterable variable) in (nested loop):

Exercise 1: Write question words 3 times using nested loops

learn for loops and while loops in python for multiplication table logic with static and dynamic user inputs

Formatting multiplication table is an important thing while displaying multiplication tables .we will see some programmatic examples here

Exercise : 1

Print Multiplication Table 5 table up to 3times

Statistics is a Mathematical Science pertaining to data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation

Types Of Analysis

An analysis of any event can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Quantitative Analysis: Quantitative Analysis or Statistical Analysis is the science of collecting and interpreting data with numbers and graphs to identify patterns and trends.
  2. Qualitative Analysis: Qualitative or Non-Statistical Analysis gives generic information and uses text, sound and other forms of media to do so.

Terminologies In Statistics

  • Population: This is the totality, the complete list of observations, or all the data points about the subject under study.
  • Sample: A sample is a subset…

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